Resilient Media Pte Ltd is an eCommerce company that curates interesting products from all parts of the world to our customers via our websites. 

Fine crafting performance based sales funnels for engaging mobile users, turning cold leads into conversions.

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Here at Resilient-Media, we talk ads and fine tune its flow. Rinse and repeat.

It’s no secret that paid social is drastically on the rise. Social advertising spend jumped 50% year-over-year in the last quarter of 2015. Social media ad revenue is expected to reach $35.90 billion by 2017, reaching a staggering 16% of the total global digital ad market.

Facebook (including Instagram) unsurprisingly comprises a big piece of this pie, making up an estimated 65.5% of all 2015 social ad spend. This is driven by changes in their CPC model, launch of Instagram ads & the addition of powerful new features.

Ever changing and ever adapting to the current trends of market demands of Facebook Advertising, Resilient-Media was envisioned and built with the sole aim of delivering performance, time and again.

Based in Singapore, Resilient-Media was founded by three like minded individuals and supported by 10 over employees, standing on firm principles, solid fundamentals and an unwavering passion to deliver optimized results.

Our clients are delivered only top notch quality leads and prospects to customers that are easily converted into sales. Performance, delivered. It’s just another day to us.

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